Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My name is Chad Dillavou, and I'm in the process of launching a new company, Wake Up Running. There are lots of running companies and even more running websites, so one might wonder why I'm compelled to start another.

Hundreds, if not thousands of outlets (store fronts, websites, magazines, etc.) do an exceptional job supporting the existing running community. The existing running community however, can be very intimidating, almost arrogant and exclusive at times. That's where Wake Up Running comes in.

I'm convinced that running transforms lives and my mission with Wake Up Running, is to grow the running community with everyday advice to help everyday people "run" better lives. Whether one wants to lose weight, eat healthier, reduce stress, make time for oneself, make time for friends, get away from the kids, be active with the kids, boost self esteem, pray more, have quiet time or jam to the iPod, running IS THE ANSWER. I’m convinced that there is no better way to start a day.

In it's purest form, Wake Up Running is a movement. A pay it forward approach to helping people discover the joy of running. I sincerely hope that you will join in. You can start by subscribing to this blog, using the resources at and encouraging your friends to "run better lives" with us.

We're finalizing our LLC set up and will be following up soon with a "Wake Up Running - Welcome Kit", to get you off and running with confidence, consistency and success. YOU are the key however. When you support our efforts with questions, with feedback with referrals, you pay it forward and help others to "run better lives."

Thank you for visiting and PLEASE join us. We're good people and we'll do our best to ensure that you will ALWAYS be proud to have joined the movement in the early stages.

It's late, or early actually. Time for bed. Tomorrows schedule? Wake Up Running. What else?


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  1. I think this is great and love that you are trying to help ordinary people move forward. I remember trying to skip highschool on the day we had to run 1 mile for PE and that was supposed to be my prime years of being in shape. Now that I have started running and working out regularly I am amazed that I can actually 5 miles - no problem. Thanks for supporting us all out there. It is a slow beginning process but if you stick to it it feels so good!